I specialize in Android / iOS mobile applications, website, and USSD fullstack development, along with payments & SMS integrations.

I am proficient in Node js, Python, React, React Native, Next.js, Java, Javascript, PHP and HTML.

I love your apps #Larry!

Was a great pleasure working with you.

Very convenient working with you, was a pleasure!

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E-commerce Mobile App

Begin collaborating with Prompt to exhibit your app to a vast audience.

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First feature

Introducing Notifications-Enabled E-commerce Mobile App.

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Second feature

At the Core of Our Service: Robust Security Measures.

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Third feature

Implementing Efficient CDNs for Image Optimization in Client Projects.

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Fourth feature

Crafting Contemporary Application Designs Aligned with Global Standards.

Recent Projects

Featuring functionalities relevant to your application

Partner with us to showcase your app to a wide audience.


A smart wallet for making online payments using QR-codes.

Secure Gate

Developed for smart homes/apartments or offices digiting entrance information.

Uber Clone

This mobile app has more like the same features as the Uber App.

The best way to showcase your saas

Make your saas application stand out with high-quality landing page designed and developed by a professional

Secure gate dashboard

Designed to digitize the gate book at the apartments entries or office entries.

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Nairobi, Kenya.

What people say

This app is a truly blessing for all professionals! A day to day project management was never easy for me. But with prompt, I can manage more than 100 projects easily.

Magret Kyomukama


It is one of the very convenient to use project manager ever! I have tried many project management apps for my daily tasks, but this one is far better than others. Simply loved it!

John Stark


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